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Canvas/Fabric Tote Sets

Canvas/Fabric Tote Sets

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Need to replace or upgrade your totes? Experience the most rewarding way to organize your craft room with our tote sets. Free label download in 6 different design options will keep you excited to craft!

  1. Choose between our black and gray design
  2. Select your model for specific tote requirement
Model Overview


    • 74 clear-front canvas drawer totes in five different sizes
    • 13 clear zipper velcro pouches


    • 40 clear-front canvas drawer totes in five different sizes
    • 10 clear zipper velcro pouches

    EZ View Desk

    • 8 clear-front canvas drawer totes in two different sizes
    • 10 clear zipper velcro pouches

     Free Label Download

    Our new tote labels have 6 different design options. Click on the option below for your free download!

    *Tote label install tip: use double-sided sticky tape or sticky dots to hold in place

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