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Midi-Crafter Craft Cabinet

Product Description

Created to organise your crafting supplies so that you can get on with the fun, creative part! All your crafting supplies in a single, organised and easily accessible space. Loads of awesome features are integrated into the unit  -

              : a built-in table top which folds down (without any legs to get in your way whilst                      you create) to a convenient work table

              : a built-in overhead light to light up your work surface

              : a back flap which can be opened or closed to allow long or large projects                              (sewing a quilt or curtains) to extend through the back for extra space, or allow                         access for cables

              : a cable-duct into the lower cabinet

              : space for 22 tray totes, 23 shoebox totes and 30 notions totes

              : fully adjustable shelving so you can customise your Midi-Crafter

              : a full width fixed position shelf above the work top

              : an adjustable full width shelf below the work top

              : 5 shelves per swing out door

              : 2 ribbon or washi tape rails per swing out door

              : 10 cup hooks per swing out door

              : parts and extra shelving available to purchase separately without lengthy delays

              : manufactured for Zoola Craft from high quality 16mm particle board by a cabinet                    maker in SE Queensland

              : heavy duty casters to allow easy movement and opening of the Midi-Crafter

              : heavy duty fittings used throughout

              : some commercially available craft storage boxes will fit the Midi-Crafter spaces

              : complete set of 22 tray, 23 shoebox and 30 notions totes will be an optional                            purchase with the Midi-Crafter (first 12 units will include the full set as a launch                        special at no additional cost).

Dimensions: Height (from floor to top of lightbox) - 191cm

                   Width (closed) -103cm 

                   Width (opened fully) - 302cm 

                   Depth (from front to back of lightbox) - 92cm (the table top protrudes an                                 additional 15cm when in the down position)

 NOTE: the launch price of the craft unit includes GST and a full set of 75 totes, but excludes freight  (please contact us for a quote)

The Midi-Crafter is supplied as flat-packed. Some parts are pre-assembled for your convenience- the lightbox, the table support and both swing open doors. Assembling the unit will require 2 people and some basic tools.

***Dispatch of the initial consignment of Midi-Crafter units will take place late July to early August once all parts have arrived in the warehouse**

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