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Craft Carousel

Craft Carousel

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A brand new addition to our Crafter line, the Craft Carousel was created to be customizable and flexible for any crafting workspace.  

The Craft Carousel is designed to be a flexible addition for organising and storing your craft supplies when space is limited. You will also be able to add to it to increase your storage space as required. The extensions to the base unit will be available shortly.

With 6 shelves (5 can be adjusted) to accommodate your paperstock storage boxes, 4 fixed shelves to hold smaller bottles/tubes/containers, 5 cuphooks for hanging up bits and pieces, 4 ribbon rails for your ribbons/washi tape and waterfall shelving to hold your cardstock this is a crafters dream! The Craft Carousel will keep your craft stash on hand, neat, organised and easily accessible so you can get on with the fun of crafting!

Made locally in Queensland this unit is built from quality board and hardware so that it will not only look good, but last a crafting lifetime. Supplied flat pack with all it's hardware included it is a quick and easy assembly project.

Dimensions: Base Unit: 54cm wide x  54cm deep x 82cm high

                     Stacker Unit;  54cm wide x 54cm deep x 73cm high

                      Crown Topper Unit: 54cm wide x 54cm deep x 34cm high

                      Desk Unit: dimensions to follow

Crown and desk units will be available very soon, subscribe to our emails, Instagram and Facebook to receive notification of the launch.

NOTE: Please do not stack the Carousel units more than 2 high (1 base with 1 stacker) as this may cause the unit to become top heavy and topple over causing injury. A Crown Topper unit can still be added to a Base and Stacker combination.


Please note: Base and stacker unit prices include GST, but exclude shipping/freight. Flat rate shipping does not apply to these units. Please contact us for a freight quote.

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