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CutterPillar Glow Illumination/Light Pad

CutterPillar Glow Illumination/Light Pad

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The CutterPillar Glow is ideal for crafters, artists, designers and photographers. It illuminates craft projects, fabric design, transfer drawings, transparencies and more! Super bright LED light board has adjustable illumination, a soft touch on/off/dimmer, lightweight sleek design and includes a self-healing cutting mat for the 12x16.5 inch sheet size. Contains one 20x14 inch light board. Imported.


Glow Features
  • 3 levels of LED illumination controlled by a convenient switch
  • super bright flicker-free LED lamps last up to 50,000 hours
  • eyesight protected design. no shadow, no glare. the tablet provides the most comfortable lighting environment possible.
  • never gets hot to the touch
  • 2 x 16.8” (31 x 42.7cm) illuminated area
  • unique translucent self-healing mat included. With crafting, relevant grid lines. multiple rulers and angles.
  • the mat has self-healing properties for extended cutting on the surface with most cutting tools
  • micro USB cord and adapter that can be plugged into wall outlets and other compatible USB products
  • the CutterPillar Glow (Basic) is plug-in only (AC)
Glow Uses 
  • perfect for scrapbooking, page-kits and card-making 
  • working with photographs 
  • tracing, drawing and sketching 
  • embossing, stained glass 
  • sewing, embroidery and quilting 
  • painting: toll, water color, chalks, pencil 
  • jewelry making and beadwork 
  • quilling, origami and dioramas 
  • calligraphy and book-making 
  • model making, leather works, weaving 
  • decoupage, paper modeling, game-making 
  • the Glow makes all art and crafts project… Brighter !! 

Tablet dimensions: 498mm x 349mm [19.6 x 13.75 inches]

(Lighted dimensions: 427mm x 310mm  [16.8 x 12.2 inches]

Package Dimensions
Width 23.2 in / 58.93 cm
Height 1.8 in / 4.57 cm
Depth 15.1 in / 38.35 cm
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